Saturday, September 4, 2010

"Punch Buggie ~ No Punch Back"

My daughter loves to play Punch Buggie and every morning on the way to school she calls the same exact blue VW car. It is sitting in a driveway and it must be broken because it seems to never move. Lately she calls it before we drive by or afterwards if she forgets. Now she even calls the name to every car we drive by. I am proud that she can recognize cars by their grill, symbols, and appearance, so I just smile.

I made this card for her and for the Papertrey Pals challenge. You had to create a card using primary colors. 
  • Summer in Paris cartridge for 2" car
  • Going Places for 1 1/4" Smile
  • Cuttlebug folders ~ Distressed and Swirls
  • ribbon, gems, primary color cardstock

Before I presented the card to my daughter, I showed my husband. He had to run in the other room and call "it" before I gave her the card. We definitely all had a good laugh and smiles on our faces.

Hope to hear from you,
Georgiana : )


  1. HAHAHA!!!! That's awesome!!! I love both the card and the story!!!! TFS :)

  2. I have a bug and I crack up when I am at a crosswalk and the kids are punching each other ...... it is very funny. Your card looks great!!!

  3. LOVE THIS! my kids love to punch everyone when they see a bug..LOL

  4. My 10 year old son loves to call the VW also, but he doesn't stop at just the bugs...its all VW. I love the card and wish I had the bug too!

  5. Super cute! And sounds like a perfect card for your daughter!

  6. hAHAHA! She hit me harder that I hit her! No I didnt! Yes You did!~ MOOOOOMMMMMMM!

  7. Super cute. I love the cuttlebugging, I am sure she loved it!!


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