Saturday, January 8, 2011

Winner of the Winter Break Giveaway

Good Morning!
 I am pleased to announce the winner today, but I must say how much I enjoyed reading about the dream vacations. I know I want to add a safari through Africa to my travel list and Australia would be wonderful to visit. There are so many places around the world...well, I can keep dreaming! If anyone decides to visit Disney World, let me know so I can give you some tips. I can let you know which park and which rides to go to first. Oh, and you have to look for the hidden Mickeys. That is so much fun! The Haunted Mansion has one in the coolest place and Soaring flies right by if you are not paying close attention.   
Since Winter Break has been over for a week now, it is time to move on and announce the winner.
The winner is.......

She said...
Great giveaway!
I think I would like to go to Ireland. I really haven't been too far away, have never even been on a plane. Thanks!

I will send an e-mail to you today. Please repsond as soon as you can, so I can mail your package. I am off to get ready to go to Michaels. I am hoping to get a cartridge or two for the $9.99 clearance blowout. Let me know if you are able to get any and which ones if you do.

Take care and have a fabulous weekend,
Georgiana : )


  1. Yay! How exciting!! I do not have your email address so if you could send me one, I will reply back with my address. Thank you so much!!

    phenis2031 at yahoo dot com

    P.s. I wish there was a Michaels close to me, $9.99 WOW!

  2. Congrats to the winner!

    Oh and we live closer to Disneyland so we always go there but want to get to Disney World at some point. I will definitely ask for tips and tricks if we go there. I have everything down for Disneyland but no idea for Disney World.

  3. Congratulations Tanya! :)
    Georgiana, my husband and I have been talking about taking J.R. to Disney so any tips would be greatly appreciated here :)

  4. Georgiana, hope you were able to get some of those $9.99 Cricut cartridges. My Michael's put them on sale at different times this past week, but I lucked out and happened to call on the day (Friday) that they just put them out and they had a lot of them too. I got Paisley, Sweethearts, From My Kitchen, Cursive 101, and My World. What a wonderful bargain! I'm psyched to use them! -- Pat

  5. congrat.! to the wer! enjoy your new goodies! Dina

  6. omg! I really should check my spelling before I post!Lol! Dina

  7. Congrats to the winner!!

    I went to M's today and snagged the last cart they had on Clearance!!! I got "From my Kitchen." I haven't opened it yet... thinking about a giveaway... I don't know yet. What do you think I should do G?

    Cheryl @

  8. Congrats Tanya.. Nice score!!! Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

  9. Congrats, Tanya!!! Have fun with all that great candy!!!

  10. Congratulations Tanya!
    Georgiana - how did you make out at Michaels? I was at our store at opening and there were only licenced (Disney, etc.) cartridges. I didn't buy anything.

  11. Congratulations Tanya, enjoy.
    Enjoy the new term at school and I hope you get another great response to your craft club.
    Kim xXx


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