Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Was a Success!

The sales and shopping actually started yesterday on Thanksgiving. I went to Michaels at 5pm since they had storage supplies on sale for 55% off. I wanted a container for my paper and I decided on just two separate pieces. Since it was my anniversary (17 years!), my hubby said, "Get Whatever" and then he helped me put the cubes together. Thank you honey!
This is in the corner next to my computer desk. It is perfect since it is out of the way.
Last night around 11:15pm, we went to Walmart since I wanted to get a Cricut Lite cartridge before they sold out. I already knew which one I wanted (Four Legged Friends). When we got there I saw the others. It sure is hard when you are standing with all of them on display in front of you and then to have to pick only one. My hubby knew I was having a difficult time deciding (It is like the cereal aisle...too many choices.). Since it was still my anniversary he said, "Okay" which means... I got two...Four Legged Friends and Jolly Holiday. Yeah!

This morning we headed out again to get some more deals for the family. Of course, I had to stop at Joanns at 6am and Michaels just after that. Well, I am glad we did! Joanns offered a free $5 gift card to the first 50 people. That was an unexpected surprise!  We each got one and my husband said it wasn't even that bad going! : ) I was able to get some embossing folders for 75% off, buttons were BOGO free, and the Nifty Fifty cartridge was on sale for $27.99 (but it was actually $17.99 because of the  gift cards). We saved the $10.00 and I agreed to put that cartridge away for Christmas.
Two ribbon racks mounted by my hubby.
Then we went to Michaels and I had to get the ribbon for 70% off. I got about 10 rolls. I picked up a paper cutter, a tool kit, and two ribbon racks that were all on sale. I was also able to use a 25% off coupon. That is another yeah!
Just some of the holiday rolls I picked up.
What a great day for bargains! When I got home from shopping I had an e-mail requesting 2 dozen holiday cards. I am extremely excited and will be ready to start tomorrow. I definitely need to get some rest tonight before I start!

Oh, I need help with this also...what is a good price to charge for a large amount of cards? Do you charge for each card or by bulk? HELP! This is a first and I hope there will be more offers to come.

I sure hope you had a marvelous Thanksgiving and were able to find some amazing deals too. Please share any of your special finds! My friend, Yvette at The Little Things, got another Cricut Expression (a purple one). I wonder if she is going to be able to use it for the Snowy Winter Hop on December 4th or if she has to wait until Christmas. I'll be sure to ask her when she gets back from visiting her grandmother (Remember that amazing memory book she made for her?).

Stay Creative,
Georgiana  : )

P.S. Check out the new button (upper right column) Dorcas made for me! THANKS!


  1. I felt your so much fun getting bargains! I wish they had those kind of sales in Australia. ( Thanks giving is not celebated here)I want a Walmart here too! I had so much fun in that store when I was visiting in July. I lined my suit case with lite cartridges, now there's more, and I can't get them! Oh well, I have a few others to keep me busy!

  2. Georgina --those are awesome deals!! So glad you and your hubby had a good evening and morning shopping!

  3. Georgina, those are amazing deals!!!! That is the only way I like to shop!! ... and congratulations on your anniversary and how great that hubby came along! I shopped online at Joann's for a Sizzix pro 50% off free ship and than later today I went to the store and got the doorbuster and the embossing folders for 75% off plus my %15!!!! No Walmart for me, I tried only, but nothing, I will get the lites later... just happy I got my Sizzix pro (I already have many carts I have not yet touched)

  4. As for the cards, I have no idea! I have never created anything for charge?

  5. I change $3 for one card. When I have a bulk order I drop my prices to $1.50 each. If I am shipping them I'll figure out the flat rate USPS boxes and add the shipping on ($5 for the small, and $10 for the medium box).

    Hope that helps!!

    Cheryl @

  6. What amzing deals!!!! Glad you were able to pick up a few things! I charge from 1.50-2.00 a card depending on how detailed it is! XOXO Momo

  7. Glad to hear you got such great deals. Me and my sister were out shopping all night and it was crazy!! We don't have a Joann's here yet, but one is opening in December and I cannot wait.

    For the cards price, I have never sold any, so I really don't know. I have seen some at craft shows sold in packs of 5, but I never really checked out the pricing.

  8. Looks good Georgiana, I also got some Jetmax cubes and a few other goodies!!!

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  10. Sounds like a really great BF haul! Glad hubby was such a good sport.

  11. What great deals! I am so excited to see what everyone got! I wish we had Black Friday in Canada too!

  12. I never saw those ribbon racks before. I LOVE them! I am going to run down there later, are they a good price? I did all "santa" shopping yesterday (although I did pick up the jolly cartridge, I couldn't help it). I had the purple cricut, but I put it back. I just felt sooooo guilty. Oh well, maybe someday. Your corner looks great! before you know it, it's going to become your room!! LOL

  13. sweet! I love my jet max cubes, oh your not gonna stop at 2! you will have them filled in no time, I went to walmart to and got some lites one new and 2 old for the $20 !!! whoo hoo !!

  14. So jealous of your bargains you found! thanks for coming by my blog and becoming a follower! I have been one of yours for quiet some time and love your work!

  15. Happy Anniversary!!! I looks like you had a good time shopping. Yes it is hard standing in front of the new carts trying to decide which ones you really want. Love the ribbon holders, Michaels was out of the ribbon holders when I got there, but I am glad to see that you got yours. Take care and have a great day!

  16. Wow what amazing bargains you got. I wish we had such sales here I can't get a cricut cart for less than $70!! Love your storage, they look great.
    Kim xXx

  17. What amazing buys!! We don't have those kinds of sales up here - and I sure wish we did! I'm sure you'll have lots of fun creating! Your husband sounds like a great sport too. My man is always coming to Michaels with me - and I let him know what he "wants" with the extra coupon that I give him!!


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