Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Grandparents Day

The impetus for a National Grandparents Day originated with Marian McQuade, a housewife in Fayette County, West Virginia. Her primary motivation was to champion the cause of lonely elderly in nursing homes. She also hoped to persuade grandchildren to tap the wisdom and heritage their grandparents could provide. President Jimmy Carter, in 1978, proclaimed that National Grandparents Day would be celebrated every year on the first Sunday after Labor Day.

Since Grandparents Day is this Sunday, I created this special bouquet for my grandmother who passed away 9 years ago. We were very close and I know she would have enjoyed using the Cricut Expression at my side if she was still alive. We used to make ALL types of projects together like ceramics, chocolate candies/lollipops, and crocheting (I tried but was not very good.).

I started with a bunch of silk flowers that I have had for years and cut them with the wire cutters into individual pieces.
Then I arranged the various silk flowers into the styrofoam cone.
I created a postcard. The sentiment is cut at 3 1/2 " from Potpourri Basket. I placed clear gems in the corners and doodled with a silver Memory Liner around the border. I added a purple bow which is attached to a garden stick.

I placed the cone inside a glass vase until I can visit the cemetary on Sunday and put it in the vase there.

I hope everyone has a memorable Grandparents Day this weekend. I am sure my children will be excited to see their Grandma and Grandpa.

Stay Creative,
Georgiana : )

Grandparents are similar to a piece of string - handy to have around and easily wrapped around the fingers of their grandchildren.
~Author Unknown


  1. that is so special and heartwarming! You made a beautiful flower arrangement (mine always seem to come out lopsided). Thanks for the reminder about grandparents day this weekend.

  2. Oh! This is so pretty! I teared up! Thanks for sharing Georgina. So sweet!


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