Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Torn Edges Card for Child

Recently I purchased two craft books: Budget Scrapbooking by Memory Makers and Creating Cards with Scrapbook Embellishments by MaryJo McGraw. As I was looking at some of the projects, I had an idea that incorporated both books. I would make a Good Luck/Great Job card for a child with torn edges using scrap paper. Well, I came up with this idea because I have been in math training for the past two days. Then my daughter cleaned out her closet finding some old math workbooks from many years ago and that became the scrap paper. I thought any child would love to receive a card in their lunchbox or backpack as a surprise. These cards have a math theme and I would give it to a child who earned a great score on a math test or to tell them Good Luck before taking a test. You could definitely change the background to any subject or theme easily!

 I made the A+ from Locker Talk.

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