Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I think I have finally created a header that I am content with. I added a blurb under the title which describes me perfectly...frugal. When I go shopping I always look for the deals. I hardly ever buy anything at regular price.
Joann and Michaels have had great deals lately,  so I keep stocking up. There isn't too much left since everyone else in town has been taking advantage of these deals too.
  • There are coupons on Hobby Lobby and Michaels' websites every week, they give them to you at the checkout register, and they will e-mail them to you if you are on their mailing list. Oh yeah, I think they even will match competitor's ads.
  • I have a teacher card for Joann that gives me another 15% off everything.
  • I purchase my Cricut cartridges on eBay at a fraction of the cost that the stores charge, plus you got to love no tax or shipping fees.

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  1. The Cards for Soldiers program that I donate to is on the Cricut messageboard. They have their own thread now on the mb. There are different shippers for each time zone and challenges running all of the time. I don't usually follow the challenges but make what kind of cards suit me at the moment. I too have lots of challenge cards and this is one way I send them out. Hope this helps. :)


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