Saturday, August 17, 2013

Classroom is Finally Done...Well, Almost

Meet Your Teacher was yesterday and what a FABULOUS turnout. I had 20 out of 21 students attend, which was an AWESOME turnout! The other student's mom works at my husband's school, so she sent me a message that she was trying to get her room ready too (I understand!). This is going to an amazing year with wonderful students. MANY of my students popped in from last year...YEAH! I was very disappointed they were not in my class again, but they are in the room next to me, so I can still see them everyday! A few of my former students from years ago even stopped by which always makes it better. Kids sure do grow fast!
I wanted to share my classroom pictures (there are LOTS of them) since I have been working on it for the past couple of weeks and haven't been making many other projects.
I re-did my bulletin boards and file cabinet by my desk. For the past five years I had a HUGE moose, but I decided it was time for him to go on a nature walk. I replaced green fabric with black and then doubled the polka dot borders. I found three education quotes and framed them on the left. I made my name banner on the right.
Click on the pictures to enlarge.

My new word wall.
I added the BW pennant border (there was none before) and cut out black letters from Plantin Schoolbook.
Skills of the Week
This is new. I wrote the Unit Essential Question on each document frame (same size as copy paper, so do not get picture frames) with Expo marker. The skill can be changed as the unit changes. Lesson Questions will be written at the front of room.  
My daughter repainted this bookshelf to freshen the crisp white look. I replaced the baskets (Dollar Tree) with yellow. Students are able to get supplies independently.
My daughter painted this file cabinet black and then I added the double border. I created our PBS (positive behavior system) moto reminders...SOAR. 
Another bookshelf, but this one did not need to be painted since it is newer. I added pennant border to the top shelf. I forgot to take a picture of the other side of my file cabinet, but will add later. I have individual pocket charts (attached with magnets) that are numbered for Ticket out the Door. 
This is the front of classroom. I added pennant border and created a polka dot Powerpoint, which rotated as parents and students visited.
The books are being switched out this weekend from 4th grade to 5th grade editions. I will be in the class again to organize them before Monday morning.
Daily Schedule
The black fabric as replaced on the doors and I switched my blue pocket chart to yellow. 
 Science and Social Studies Boards
More black fabric and double polka dot border.
AR Incentive Chart along with my clothespin on 5 points.
Reading Area 
I replaced my file folders with new ones form Ikea (5 pack for $1.99). I trimmed with green polka dot decorative tape and yellow labels. I have three more boxes to label once I add a few more themes. I also replaced my old red carpet with a black one.
Student Desks
The baskets, treats, and name tags.

I posted the baskets and bookmarks earlier in the week, but here are the treats. YES, more polka dots!
Here are the two sayings I used...
This year will be bursting with lots of learning!
I’m bursting with excitement that you’re in my class!
I was told after Meet Your Teacher the students went to the Assistant Principal and said I had dots ALL over the room, so that gave me another idea. BIG polka dots on the walls! I do not want to paint them (not sure of policy), but vinyl dots scattered about!
Thanks for checking out my class photos!


  1. Fantastic!!!! Wow it looks amazing!!!

  2. Dang those kids are so lucky to have you as their teacher.

  3. This is so fabulous. I need to update my library, but since I have Raggedy Ann and Andy in there I really just need to update my borders and make some new book markers. Your room is just awesome..Kids are going to love being with you and learning in such a great environment.. Great job..

  4. Looks fantastic!! You did an awesome job.


  5. WOW!!!! I'm totally impressed, I'm sure you're the envy of all the teachers! Your room looks GREAT! Super lucky kids, I wish my boy could have you as a teach:)
    Have a SUPER day and THANK YOU for sharing and being such an AWESOME teacher!!

  6. WOW!!! Amazing...

  7. Your classroom looks wonderful, you did such a beautiful job! The kids will be so excited!

  8. This is AWESOME!!A FABULOUS job!!
    Have a wonderful day,

  9. Your room looks great! I'd love to be a student in your room!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  10. Everything looks great !! I would love to have been in a student in this classroom !! Everything is super cute !


  11. Your hard work paid off. Lucky students.

  12. Your room looks awesome!! Looks like a great place to learn!!

  13. Wow, G, your classroom looks wonderful! I love the green and yellow polka dot borders, did you make all those?! Everything's terrific!

  14. WOW! I have never seen a classroom look like this before--those are some lucky little kiddos!!

  15. Great classroom!!!Awesome teacher!!!Have a good weekend!!!

  16. Your room looks AMAZING!!! Your students are in for an incredible year!

  17. Have a great school year !! your room came out very nice G Have a great day
    DIANA L.

  18. Oh my gosh...I want to go back to school and have you for a Teacher!! Your room is AMAZING! So glad you had such a fantastic turn out! That is so great to hear!!! I can't get over how fun of a space you have created for these kiddo's! Your chalk boards look awesome and love your daily schedule, skills of the week and your reading area! You thought of it all and adding all the extra touches to the room is fantastic!
    That really says a lot Georgiana that the kids from past years stop to see you...kudos to you for making their learning experience a great one! You will always be remembered by them!!!
    Have a great day and good luck this school year!
    Sherrie K

  19. Wow....what a wonderful class room, perfect for learning!

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