Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ribbon Loop Flower

Happy Saturday!

Hello everyone. Look what I first attempt at a ribbon loop flower.
I have been trying to make some different types of flowers and have been very unsuccessful. I have been watching videos, reading articles, and practicing, but none of them have come out the way I want them to. I decided to try a ribbon loop after I found a hair clip in my daughter's drawer. All the videos used 6 - 8 strips of ribbon, but I was determined to use just one long piece.

My daughter called it UGLY because the ribbon loops are different sizes, but I think it adds character...nice way to justify, huh? I added a stem and some leaves it is the best. : ) Yes, I am still justifying!
Although it is my first attempt I like the style and can see many more, especially since there are so many color and patterns of ribbon.

If you are interested in knowing how I made mine, just let me know. I can add a pictorial.


Be sure to come back tomorrow.

Stay Creative,


  1. I think it is pretty Georgiana!! I love the color combo:-)

  2. I think the flower is great! No flower has perfect petals! Great paper too!

  3. Georgiana, I think it looks fabulous! I love the idea! And the colors you chose go so well together!
    I am so excited you decided to play along with me over at ChatterScene:)

  4. I love your loopy flower creation. great springy card.
    Thank you for joining my DL.ART Thankful Thursday challenge.

    DIANA L.

  5. I think this is pretty Georgiana! I think creations are better when they're not 'perfect' - it shows they're handmade and gives them more character. :-)

  6. I think it is pretty. Not all flower have the same petal right, LOL.


  7. What a fun flower. Love the ribbon you selected. Thanks for sharing this.

  8. I think your ribbon flower turned out great! I think the different petal lengths make it more real!

  9. I've never seen a ribbon loop flower before-love it!!!! How clever! How is it attached in the center? Glue dots? I may need a tutorial, but I'd like to try this.

  10. I love the loops, G. They look great and they shouldn't all be the same! I'm not good at making flowers, but this way looks kinda easy. Need to try it. Great job with the whole card; love it!--Pat

  11. Your first one turn out great! I love the way these look and have been wanting to try it for a while now. Impressive you used one long strip!


  12. I think it is just adorable. Lets you know that Spring is really here. Love it.

  13. Love what you did with you ribbon.


  14. Beautiful card- I love how you made the flower with the ribbon and the pen stitching :)Amy

  15. turned out super cute! i made my first rosettes with the Martha Stewart scoreboard. Have you tried those? hugs, hl

  16. Georgiana, thank you so much for joining my challenge with your beautiful card. Love that blue against the yellow so striking. Love that background paper so pretty. Karen

  17. Your flower is strikingly bf- got your link from Diana of DL art. Daughters can be such tough critiques. My 5 year old is my personal critique!!
    Cheers from Bangalore, India

  18. This is fabulous!! I love the way you've made that wonderful flower! So bright and cheerful!


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