Monday, September 5, 2011

How Many Cards?

I have a question for you...How many cards do you work on at a time? Do you work on one until it is completely finished or do you have a few in the works?

I thought I would share what I have been working on since Friday night. I am NOT done yet, BUT I am getting closer.
  • I have created the left three on the top shelf, but they need a sentiment still. They will be either Happy Birthday or Thank You, so I can complete my order. Rex just sits there since he is cute to look at. 
  • I have been working on the middle two today while watching the Criminal Minds marathon. "Merci" was posted yesterday.
  • The five on the bottom shelf (next to my open stack of paper) are almost done. The ones sitting on my paper stack have been posted previously, but go with this order. I kept them there so I can see the colors and variety.
I need to add my personal stamp to the back of each card and finish decorating the envelopes.

Better go, so I can get more done before school tomorrow. I worked on my math lesson plans this morning for the next 3 weeks, so I will have time to craft throughout the week. Yeah!

Stay Creative,


  1. I like your set up!!!! I really only dabble in card making so I do them start to finish and then on to the next one. scrapbooking technique is a lot like this.....I have a few layouts I have't completed laying around waiting for finishing touches. Some are just missing "something" that I can't quite figure out.....and some I just have set aside with the photos and papers.....they are all in different stages of completion. If I get stuck I just walk away and start something Your cards are just darling too :)

  2. normally I work on one at a time until it's done, once in a while I will start a card and have trouble finishing it I put that one on my shelf in front of my work area so I can think about ways to complete it.

  3. I do both ways. Sometimes I will cut the images of several. Put each together and then do the sentiments. I have a couple in the works right now waiting for sentiments. Then at times I want to get each finished before I start on the next. Just whatever mood I'm in. I love all of these in your photo. :)

  4. I used to work on one at a time, now though, I have learned to make more than one at at time. Today, I made a set of five cards to donate to Operation Write Home. Using my Cricut I cut five of everything and like an assembly line, I assemble them and put them together. I find I am more productive that way. When I sit to make just one for a special occasion, I spend hours trying to make the card just perfect. So, now, I choose a layout and do the assembly line thing.

  5. I usually work on one card at a time, but that is because I am usually making the cards as I need them. I want to get better about making cards in advance and have plans to work on my Christmas cards in the next few months, but we will see if it actually happens.

  6. I work on one until it is finished. I can;t stand leaving projects half done because I am one of those people who would never go back to it. I have illions of unfinished projects from over the years. It is like once I stop I lose interest. It is impressive that you have so many going at once!

  7. So many great cards Georgiana!
    I work on one at a time, but I don't always put sentiments on them until I know what I am using them for.

  8. Great cards Georgiana! I usually work on one card until it's done unless I get stuck and then I need to push it aside and work on something else. I've been struggling with my mojo lately, so I'll probably start up slowly and making a few simple cards usually gets me going.

    Hugs, Cheryl


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