Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Z-fold Pictorial, Pt. 1

Hello! I am glad you came back. I have a special post for today.
I thought I would make a pictorial to show you how to make a Z-fold card. Then I am hoping you will enter into the Paper Playtime challenge. 

I hope you are ready to give a Z-fold card a try!

First, choose the cardstock that you would like to use. I selected solid colors, but you can use any color/pattern you like. The height of the paper will be cut since the length of 11" is perfect. The height of my paper is 4 3/4".  
Next, using your paper trimmer you will cut off a triangle shaped piece of paper. I placed the top of my cardstock in the center of my blade and the bottom portion of my paper slightly to the left. 

My measurements:
Highest/Right side ~ 4 3/4"
Middle ~ 4 1/8"
Lowest/Left side ~ 3 3/4"   


Then, I scored my cardstock at 3 1/4" and 6 3/4". I had used a pencil and lightly drew a dot.  

Finally, you fold the cardstock to make a Z.
I used my left over strips to make smaller Z-fold cards. Those height measurements are: 3 1/4", 3 1/2", and 4 1/4". I scored the fold-lines the same as above.

Now you are ready to decorate!
I found the easiest way to get the angle of my paper to align with each section was to cut my decorative paper into 3 sections. Then I flipped the paper over and traced the top edge. I removed that top portion of the paper with my trimmer.

 Finally, I cut a small strip off the bottom of each section of decorative paper to get the exact size. If you want to layer the papers you would repeat the process, but cut more of the bottom (and side if needed).

Here is mine.
I haven't glued the decorative pieces since I am going to do more layering. You will repeat the process again on the back side or select which panels you want to decorate. Doubled-sided card stock may eliminate the need. 

I am still working on my Z-fold card and it will be posted in Part 2. I also have another feature that I will be adding. I was exploring with my edge punches and I really LIKE the look.

Also, I will have a Guest Crafter this Friday. Yeah! You will be happy with her homemade projects. If you are interested in being a Guest Crafter, please let me know!

Stay Creative,


  1. Thanks a bunch for part 1. I am planning on attempting one tomorrow :)

  2. Really great tutorial! I made my first one the other day for the challenge. I really like the look of these cards!! Thanks for sharing:) Amy

  3. What a great tutorial on how to make these... hoping to try to make one... I can't wait till Part 2... hugs from Ukiah

  4. Hi, Georgiana!!! Great tutorial!!!

    Love your new blog look!!!

  5. This was a great tutorial!!! Thanks so much for sharing... I love your work...

  6. Very cute.... good ideas and you explained that well. Thank you for sharing!!!!!

  7. Nice tutorial, thanks for sharing. :)
    Lisa C

  8. Great job on your tutorial!! It's very easy to understand. I love the step by step pictures too.

    TFS, Cheryl


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