Sunday, March 20, 2011

Yeah, I Did It! But I Also Have a Craft Show Question...I Need Input!

One of my goals this week was to make some of those adorable pins that I have seen on Carri's and Sheryl's site. I finally made a couple today. Once I figured out which straight pins to use, choosing the colors to coordinate with the paper was easy. Carri suggested using Glossy Accent. Since I didn't have any I used my daughter's Mod Podge glue which worked great.

I had to make two Bridal Shower cards for the school secretary. Here is what I created.
My Mind's Eye paper ~ the spider's web
Sweethearts cartridge ~ lingerie p. 69 ~ 3"
Wild Card cartridge ~ sentiment p.79
Sizzix embossing folder
tan ribbon
straight pin and beads

heidi grace designs paper ~ Floral with Definitions
black ribbon
stick pins and beads
burgundy gems
I head back to school tomorrow, but plan on working on cards each evening when I get home. There is a craft show on Saturday that I may be able to participate in. I am going to talk to the contact person tomorrow. The fee is either $20 or $25. The space is 10' X 10', but you have to supply your own table.

Does anyone know if this is reasonable? How many cards would be ideal to bring? Should they be separated by theme? How much would you charge? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I went to the flea market this morning and found some 5" x 7" plastic bags to protect the cards. The fee was very reasonable...$1.50 for 50 bags with no S/H. When I went on-line last night I found some for $5, but the S/H was over $10. THAT'S CRAZY!
I sure do like how they are enclosed.
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  1. Your pins look fantastic!! They really make the cards stand out! I am emailing you now about the craft show!

  2. Love how both of your cards turned out!! I think your pins look fantastic too!!! Good luck with the craft show!!

  3. Great cards!!! Love those pins!!! Now I need to know how to make them!! :)

  4. LOVE the lingerie card! The pins really add to them.

  5. Beautiful cards! I love them both and I think you are going to have to do a tutorial on those pins! I have also dropped you an email on my marketing and pricing strategies. Wishing you luck and happy crafting :))

  6. Your cards are beautiful - and so are the pins! I love the embossing on the lingerie. Great buy on the baggies too!
    I hope you had a great day back to work today.

  7. Love the cards so cute and those pins look fantastic on the cards!! Great job:)

  8. Your cards came out great. The stick pins are the perfect accent. Good luck at the Craft Show, I'm sure you'll do great!

  9. totally awesome cards! LOVE EM! The money for the rental of space seems really reasonable. As far as how much to charge..thats tough.. I've seen people sell home made cards around here from $4 to $5 a piece. Hallmark charges that for a lot of their cards and they have a lot less beauty to them

  10. Love your cards!!! They came out awesome and you were lucky to get such a great deal on your bags. TFS

  11. Beautiful job with the pins!!! They look great!!! :) As far as the craft show - I have no idea. I'd love to know what you find out from everyone (I've thought about doing it). I've never been in one though. You really did a beautiful job!! :) TFS!

  12. Love the cards and the way the pins came out.
    I have an award for you on my blog...pick it up when you get a chance


  13. These cards are fabulous! :) I love them both :) As for the craft show question, I have no idea. I am a newbie to all of this, but I am interested to know the answer :) Where is the flea market you got the bags at? I'd love to check it out sometime :)

  14. What a gorgeous pair of cards! I love the pins and the embossing on the "undies"! Thank you for joining us at Paper Sundaes - we hope to see you again this week!

  15. your pins are adorable!
    I just now saw your posting.
    I know the 25 fee for a space is cheap! some charge more. Send Those that sell cards sell cards for 2.00 or 2.50.

    Love the floral design card! However if you sold them with the pin - I would charge 3.25.

    Let me know how you do.


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