Sunday, March 6, 2011

What a week it has been!

I haven't crafted very much this past week (which is very depressing) as a bit of an experiment. My students have not been doing all that great on their tests, so I thought if I spent more time focused just on school work it would rub off on them. Well...after two different tests this past week and they still didn't do well...I figured I am back to crafting! I think they are ready for Spring Break which is next week. I know I am looking forward to the time off.  I bet they will feel refreshed once we return and they will do well again.

I did work on one card earlier in the week, but need to finish the sentiment. Here it is so far.

Materials I used:
The patterned paper is SEI ~ Dill Blossom
Kraft paper for base
green brads
orange and tan florals
tan ribbon

I plan on crafting today since I went to a Scrapbook Party yesterday (Wow, I met some really GREAT people who LOVE to craft too!) and then to the craft stores. I did find a great deal on decorative buttons at Joanns for 25 cents and Michaels had their Dollar section 50% off.

My daughter, One Creative Teen, has two projects she is currently working on for her bedroom; therefore, I had to purchase the supplies she wanted. Who knew styrofoam balls and stick pins were so expensive?!?! We will be posting a little later today, so I hope you will check them out.

Stay Creative,


  1. Georgiana, You can always tell when it is close to spring break. Hopefully your students will be ready to go and finish off the school year with a bang.

    I found that the Dollar Tree has styrofoam balls. Not sure what size you needed but that it one place to keep in mind for the future.

    Have a fun scrappy day!


  2. Beautiful!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I look forward to seeing all your posts!


  3. I think everyone is ready for spring break! I also found that the dollar stores around here have styrofoam balls in various sizes and for a fraction of the price. I was shocked when I went into Michael's one day to get one and saw the price! I quickly changed my plans.

  4. My students could always tell when better weather was around the corner! I love this card. The colors are perfect.

  5. Your card is beautiful! So well coordinated. I just came from your daughter's site and saw her project. How adorable! She did a terrific job!--Pat N.

  6. This is beautiful! I love it! Hugs- Glora

  7. This is beautiful! I love the paper you used. I am sure your students will do better after spring break; the spring semester is always the hardest to focus through if you ask me. =-) I hope you have a good break.

  8. Lovely card, Georgiana! Love that SEI paper you chose... the patterns work so well together.


  9. This card is gorgeous Georgiana!! You definitely made up for the lost time! :) That fold is so so neat, I think I may have to give that one a try today :)

  10. This is a gorgeous card, I love this style of fold and your papers are delightful.
    Through experience I have found kids never do well in tests near to term end I think they really are all just too tired and had enough.
    Kim xXx

  11. This is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am so glad you did! You are very talented.

  12. I love Joy fold cards!! Yours is adorable!!!

    TFS, Cheryl

  13. LOVE the paper you used! This card is BEAUTIFUL! Sorry about the students! But they will do better after the break is over... and glad to hear you had fun at a scrapbook party! It's amazing how many crafty people are out there! :o)


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