Sunday, February 13, 2011

Charms...How do you attach them?

I thought I would try adding a charm to the front of a card to add a little character. I have seen them on other people's card and thought how nice they look and I figured it couldn't be too difficult. Right?
The peace charm is hanging with cream colored craft thread and I used a little glue on the back, so it wouldn't move around too much. I attached three green brads in the center of the flowers.
I was asked by a co-worker to make two religious birthday cards, so I found a set of silver crosses to include. I wasn't really sure how to attach this silver cross charm, so I just tied it to the ribbon. I am definitely looking for suggestions! I want to use charms again, but I need to find some alternative ways.
 This silver cross was super easy to attach since I was able to feed it thru the ribbon punch slots. I like this way, but I still would love to know more.  

Please let me know if you have a suggestion. I am willing to try!

I hope you have a great Valentine's Day.


  1. Looks good, I've never used charms before. I subscribe to the theory that if it works then do it!

  2. Love these, I have also never used charms, but these look great.

  3. The cards look so nice!!! And you did such a great job attaching the charms! Great job!

  4. The charms just add a special touch to your cards....fabulous

  5. I just had an idea.......adding charms to the middle of flowers can look pretty. I have a collection from discounted jewelery. Also earings look great.....studs - use them just like a brad.

  6. These look great! I love the charm in the bow!

    I have tons of charms and should use them more! I always put the charm on my ribbon first then tie it around my paper.

  7. These turned out cute! :) I've never tried charms before.

  8. Your cards are so pretty. Love the dove on the last one. :-) The charms do add a nice touch, don't they? I've never used them, but stringing them thru ribbon looks great and is easy, so I'd go with that!! :-)

    Thanks for your note on my blog about my shaped cards. I'm now addicted to making these! I should make perfect-sized envelopes for them, but I usually use 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 envelopes that I bought in a large quantity. I try to size the cards to fit!

    ~Sharon C.

  9. i love those cards!! I'm not big on the charms.. but when i've used them, basically I did what you did and tied to the ribbon.. or a piece of string or floss.

  10. I've only added charms onto projects a couple of times but I usually use a ribbon or brad to attach them.

    Love your cards!
    TFS, Cheryl

  11. They are beautiful! Your right the charms add a really nice touch! I have never seen this before, I really like it! Great job!!

  12. Georgianna,

    Thank you so much! I received all the fun blog candy that you sent!!!!!! I can't wait until I have some time to create with it.

    Your cards are beautiful!!! :) I love the charms and that's probably the way I would attach them (if you don't want the to wiggle around too much, you could always put a tiny glue dot on the back to keep it in place).

    Thanks for sharing,


  13. Hi Georgiana, you must be busy; haven't seen you for a while. Stop by my blog when you get a chance. I have a new award for you. Enjoy! -- Pat N.

  14. Hi georgiana! Stop by my blog I have an award for you! Dina

  15. Charms seem to be the new fad in crafting and I am loving it! I have a bunch of old ones hanging around that I can't wait to use. Thanks for the amazing inspiration!


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