Thursday, December 30, 2010

So Many Fabulous Deals

Good Morning!
I hope everyone is enjoying the after Christmas sales and finding some great deals. I have read about a few (Carri, Tara, and Michelle) and thought about sharing some of the goodies that I have found. I am the frugal shopper/crafter (My daughter calls me cheap, but frugal sounds so much better! Wouldn't you agree?). 
I found these stickers at: Carlton Cards at our mall for 75% (Christams ones on the left) and 90% (Sugar and Spice on front left) off, Joanns 60% (Sandylion on right) off, Hobby Lobby 50%, and Michaels buy 2, get 1 free.
Lots of embellishments for 40 to 60% off. When I go to Joanns I can also use my teacher card for another 15% off. The heart brads (back left) are from Hobby Lobby and were 50% off. I am getting ready for Valentines early! Oh yeah, Target's dollar section was 50% off too.
I used a gift card from my sister to buy these at Micheals (except Thinking of You stamp which I purchased at Hobby Lobby for 50% off). The tape was reg $14.99 for $5.99 and the stamps were 60 cents.
These paper packs were 50% off at Hobby Lobby, so they were only $2.50. Wow! There are some really cute designs and lots of different colors. I got the last silver metallic paper at Michaels (Yeah!) for $1.59.

My last deal of the day was PaperCrafting Pro. I bought 3 new cartridges (Simply Charmed, Create a Critter and Give a Hoot) for $13.00 each. Shipping was pretty good and the delivery time is less than a week. I have tried to win these carts on eBay but have been unsuccessful, so I am pleased!

Be sure to share your great finds. I would love to hear.

Hoping you have a great day!
Happy New Year,

“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.” 
~ Joseph Chilton Pierce Quotes


  1. Sweet deals! I love that you are a frugal too! I also love your end quote!

  2. Wow that is some wonderful bargains... You really did rack up...

  3. Awesome finds!! :) And frugal shopper to frugal shopper, frugal does sound so much better ;)

  4. Great finds! I haven't been able to get out and hunt any deals yet. It's an hour to the closest Michaels and JoAnnes. And you are frugal! So am I!!! :)

  5. Yes Frugal definitely sounds better, I am one too!!! I stopped by to say thanks for all the wonderful comments you leave on my blog, it's much appreciated!

  6. Wahoo!! Nice finds!! :) 'Frugal' may sound better, but I'm the same way and 'Cheap' works too! :)

  7. Wow... you found some great deals! I can never find anything good at the Joanne's by my house nor the M's that is a half hours away. I usually just order everything online! Thanks for your comments on my blog... it really makes my day to get a comment! Happy New Year to you!
    got2bcrafting at gmail dotcom

  8. I am curious...what is a teacher card from Joann's?

  9. Wow you got lots of great ideas. My mom got the same ribbon but I couldn't find it. I must have hit the stores too late. LOL Thanks for sharing.

  10. Dana, a teacher card is provided to teachers who show their ID/pay stub at the front register (once a year). You then get a card that states you get 15% off your purchases for the rest of the year. You need to re-new every August/September. I hope this helps!


  11. What great deals! You're going to have so much fun creating with all these! I'm SO jealous about your paper though!! I have never seen prices anywhere near that low here in Canada. I was able to get a paper pack for just under $10 though - and that was my great deal!!


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