Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Surf's Up

Our scrapbooking club met for the second time and all the students attended again. How cool is that! This time Yvette (The Little Things) and I had the students create a summer layout. We used the stack of paper, stickers, and rubs donated by Tricia at our local scrapbook store, Priceless Scrapbooks.

All the students received a layout page (they were able to choose from among 4 or 5 different designs)  and 4-5 squares of various colors/patterns. Some students embossed their papers and others used stickers or Cricut cuts. 
THANK YOU Tricia for your generosity!

This is a wonderful picture of Yvette helping the girls. (I am taking the pictures, so I am not in any of them. Maybe next time.)

 The students loved learning about the Cricut and thought it was amazing that it cut all the images with the touch of a button or two. Lots of oohs and aaahs! Next week we will teach them even more about the machine and its capabilities and let them do some more cutting on their own. 

Next week we are planning on making an Autumn/Halloween card.

Stay Creative,
Georgiana : )


  1. What a wonderful activity club for the kids. It's so great you are sharing your talent with them!

    Cheryl @

  2. This is just so great. I'm tellin you I love this concept.

  3. Great layouts and it certainly looks like they all had fun. I wonder how many children will have a cricut on their Christmas list by the end of the next lesson lol. Keep up the great work.
    Kim xXx

  4. Let me tell you I am one of the students in Scrapbooking club an it is the funnest thing ever. My name is Isabel and I am in fifth grade Mrs.Carsons room.I would encourage you to be creative and make your owmn cards i hope this gets you creative.

  5. i am one of the students in Scrapbooking and it is so much fun.The halloween cards we made were awesome and fun.Get crafty and creative!!!

  6. YAY scrapbooking!! i know as these sessions ends we will start to get sad that we wont get to do it with mrs.carson but excited because we get to go farther in the world of scrapbooking. P.s i also put this to be next to lexies comment to :)

  7. let me say i love this class and all the allsome things we git to do i cant wait till next tusday i hope it comes soon


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