Friday, August 13, 2010


Day 6
Back to School Hop

  Magnetic Bookmark
Here are the supplies you need for today's project:
  • 1" strip of paper that is 6" in length
  • self-adhevise magnet
  • favorite Cricut cut ~ mine is a moose track cut at 1" from Camp Out
1. Fold piece of paper in half
2. Glue favorite cut on top portion of folded strip
3. Attach magnet to the inside bottom of each strip
I like these bookmarks because when students are walking around and holding their book sideways thier place will not get lost since the bookmark does not fall out.
It is hard to believe it has been almost a week. I hope you have been enjoying all of our projects. I know I have and I am looking forward to making some myself! It actaully will be very difficult to chose which one to do first. We LOVE the comments and checking out your sites. There are some really amazing projects posted!
Be sure to check on Dorcas at 4 Crafty Angels. I know she has not been feeling well, so she could use some get well wishes.
Stay Creative,
Georgiana : )

My hand is the extension of the thinking process - the creative process.
Tadao Ando


  1. Another neat-o project. I have already bought items to make some of the projects I've seen this week. I have had a blast hopping from one to another.

  2. Still loving your moose theme...another great idea! TFS!

  3. I like how you do your bookmarks. Quite different from the norm! Great job. Also, thanks for hosting a great Back To School Blog Hop. I enjoyed seeing all the project from the other designers!


  4. Just this morning my bookmark was slipping out of my book and I was scrambling to put in back in place. The magnet bookmark would be a perfect fix to this problem...:O) I've enjoyed the week and continue to look forward to visiting each of you girls in the days to come.

  5. What a great idea - I see some Christmas ideas here!

  6. awesome ides tfs

  7. I've made these little bookmarks in the past and just LOVE them. My kids are sure to love them too... thanks for the reminder! :)

    Cheryl @

  8. Great idea! I need to make myself some of those! Having a blast hopping! TFS all of your ideas!

  9. very cool idea. :) I love the leaves on the bookmark, very pretty. Have a great day!

  10. What a neat gift to bring to a craft fair for a fund raiser.. Love your bookmarkers..
    The Scrapbooking Queen

  11. This is a great idea! If my 3rd grader has to do a market this year as a class project I will have him make some of these and sell them. Totally cool. :)

    On to the next blog... hop, hop, hop.

  12. Very cute! The kids are going to love these.

  13. Love the bookmarks!
    msdjmyers AT yahoo DOT com

  14. Oh. I love making these bookmarks. I laminated mine and my son still has one from 2nd grade and he entering 5th. Love the moose.

  15. So many ideas, so little time. Another cute bookmark!, and I think I recognize this paper. Bookmarks are so easy to slip into a card, even if it is being mailed. Thanks

  16. These bookmarks look so easy to make. Just think how this would make someone feel receiving one of these in a card or with a book. Great job.

  17. Your students will appreciate these bookmarks. They can use these to help them stay organized. Thanks for sharing and the opportunity to win.

  18. Another great idea! Thank you for sharing and for the great blog hop!

  19. cute cute cute...i bet your kids love to know you are going to be their teacher...such sweet prices!!

  20. This week has been so much fun-thank you all!!! :) Fabulous idea on the bookmark!!!

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  22. I love these kinds of bookmarks. I can't, however, find mine! I think I might have returned it along with the book to the library! : (

    Anyway, now I can make my own. Hadn't even thought about that possibility! Now my mind is wondering...which butterfly to use! I LOVE butterflies!

    nginerd at gmail dot com

    OKAY! Had to delete my first post because I missed the Tadao Ando quote the first time! I LOVE Tadao Ando's work! I was actually told by my senior year Architectural professor that my work was a lot like his! Can you image? Wow!

  23. Such a great idea... gotta give this a try. I have really enjoyed the blog hop, thanks so much.
    tahoe_luvr at yahoo dotcom

  24. I have yet to make a magnet bookmark - thanks for the directions.

  25. I'm a day late, sorry! WOW!!! I absolutely love this idea, my little girl would love this, even my little 3 year old boy would love this!!!! TFS!!!!!!!


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