Friday, August 20, 2010

Bedroom Color Challenge

My daughter, yes that wonderful 12 year old of mine, has decided she wants to redo her bedroom again...this usually occurs at least every other year. She gets all these great ideas, creates floorplans, and then mom has to buy the "stuff" and dad has to paint for the entire weekend.

 I thought it would be fun if we asked for your help. She needs some creative ideas for pictures for the walls and shelves. We would love if you would participate with us and use the following colors as an inspiration. She chose: Filoli Morning Glory and Limolicious. The base boards are white and the furniture is black. Here is a picture of the bedding.

I will allow my daughter to choose her favorite submissions and then she will get to go shopping again for some goodies for the winner. Please have all projects posted by Monday night. Winners will be announced on Tuesday after my daughter comes home from school and has a chance to preview all the projects.

Thank you in advance for helping. She LOVES the creative blog world!

Stay Creative,
Georgiana : )


  1. Those colors are really fun to play with! I hear you about the bedroom redesign! my kids want to change theirs often but we don't repaint their rooms. we just change their curtains and other stuff.

  2. I can't wait to see what the blogosphere will come up with for her room! The colors are bright and young and sooo Kelsey!

  3. Just for fun, Im going to get my girls' involved also! So FUN. Great challenge, I love it!

  4. I am hoping to get mine in by tonight. Crossing fingers :)

  5. AHH! CLOSED :( Will post anyway. Thanks or doing this Georgina.


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