Saturday, July 31, 2010

Get Better

Cricut Cardz Challenge #35: Get Well
Chocolate Daily Challenge #4

The family and I went to the movies and then dinner tonight, and while at Olive Garden my son began feeling ill. We hurried so we could get home to allow him to rest. I knew of this challenge already, but now it has another purpose...This card is perfect for him! I hope you get better soon.

I also found another challenge that is interesting. You need to use 5 things in your layout or card that start with a letter B in any combination. I used blue paper, black paper, Better, and 5 buttons (2 were blue).


  1. Very nice project! I found your link from the Cricut Cardz Challenge blog and am now a follower!

    Thanks for sharing, Cheryl

  2. Very nice card! I like yours in the post below, too. I really need to branch out and try some different types of cards like that. Great job!

  3. Such a cute card (can I say that even if it's for a boy?!) :) I really like the layout of it!!!!


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