Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thank You Dear Friend and Students

Hello Everyone!

Today is "Thankful Thursday"! My computer's motherboard died unexpectedly last Friday afternoon and I was going through a major meltdown for the next few days. You know ALL those thoughts that run through your mind...did I lose EVERYTHING (my svg files and pictures), can any of it be retrieved, will the data be compatible if I need a new computer...ALL those questions crossed my mind numerous times. The worst part is when it breaks on the weekend. That always seemed to happen to the kids when they were younger too...they would wait until the weekend to get sick when the regular doctor's office was closed. Have you every been there before?!?!

Then, a dear friend came to my rescue! I have a brand new computer now (super fast with LOTS of storage space), but she and a fellow co-worker saved my hard drive (we had an external hard drive too, but wasn't sure the last time it backed up). They installed it into my new computer and it appears that we have almost all our data (hubby was worried about his iTunes, but it looks like it is there too)! I am totally relieved and THANKFUL!

Before this major life crisis (yes, it seemed like it)...I was working on these simple watercolor Thank You cards for my students. I had a fabulous class this past school year and many were so generous. I am going to mail them a card to surprise them. 

I used our class colors...yellow, green, black, and polka dots. The stamped sentiment is by Bo Bunny and the enamel dots are from Michaels.

I may need a few more, but now that my mind can focus again it will not take long to whip up a few more. I better get busy so I can get them in the mail!

Special Note: Be sure to check your external hard drive regularly so you don't have a major meltdown. I have heard from a few others who have said their computers have crashed recently. Unfortunately technology doesn't last forever!

Thanks again my Dear Friend and Students!

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Stay Creative,


  1. Thank goodness that your friends were able to retrieve everything! That is wonderful news! LOVING those cards!! Beautiful!!!!!

  2. These are perfect!!!
    Great set Georgiana!

  3. These are fabulous!! I love the colors!! I'm so glad you were able to retrieve everything. I had that happen earlier in the year. I got a new computer, loaded everything on, had it where I wanted it and then I got a fatal error message. After trying to fix it to no avail, Dell replaced it so I had to start over loading everything on and getting the settings right. It was a pain but this computer is much faster and so much better. It does make a difference!! Have a great weekend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. Your cards are wonderful! The kids will be surprised and appreciate them! :) Sorry about your computer! I've been there done that a few years back.... I always add to my external hard drive... but I'm thinking I may want to just use storage online... this way I know where it's at no matter what... and if there's a fire in my house or whatever... I won't have to worry cuz it's saved somewhere safe and I can always find it... Have a Creative Weekend! :)

    Scrappers Anonymous

  5. That whimsical font is sure to put a smile on anyone's face. Sorry about the computer woes. Technology is our friend.... no, really. Even if it often drives us to distraction!


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