Friday, March 18, 2011

Background Change

I am working on changing my background and header. I shortened my title too since I use a variety of resources to create my projects.
I would love some input!

What do you like to see on pages?
What do you NOT want to view?
Please give suggestions!



  1. I like it! Much more colorful and just in time for Spring :)

  2. The new design looks great! Your new title is more to the point, and looks awesome, too!

  3. I love the springy feel and brighter colors! The fence is too cute! Even the shape of your header feels like spring! :)

    Not that I didn't like your old bg and header (and not knowing you IRL) but I think it feels more "you." :)


  4. I really like the colors! Part of the title image is cut off, but I'm not sure if it's because I use a Mac or not. I think everything else looks great! :)

  5. I like the new header Georgiana! Very pretty. I like to see the blog archive on sites so I can go back a few days to look at other projects (easy to catch up that way if I miss a day or two). You might want to move yours up on your site, or maybe consider changing the number of posts that show. I think I have mine set at "show last 8 posts". I really like that you list the challenge sites; that's been handy for me to come to when I'm trying to find a new challenge. It's looking real good!-- Pat N.

  6. I love the colours! You did an excellent job and I love the tabs at the top. I may need to play around with my blog and figure that one out!

  7. My only suggestion, NO MUSIC. I think the look is lovely.

  8. I like your new look. The colors are very springy. You did a great job.

  9. i like the colors - take a bit to load all the layers - but very pretty.
    You asked me about the stoppers on the bottom of the stick pins. They are actually earring back pieces. You know so you do not loose your earrings? I do not have pieced ears so I picked up a package at AC Moore in the jewelery section. It was a package of 80 for .99. I was looking for clear ones but these will have to do.

  10. I like the new blog! I need to update mine now that St. Patty's day has passed ;) Thanks for the love you left on my football layout. I love checking out others' cricut layouts ;)

  11. First, thanks for visiting my blog - I appreciate your comments. I really enjoy your blog and plan to follow. I LOVE the list of challenges - it's wonderful. Would you mind if I mention your list on my blog? I have gals asking for challenge sites and I'd love to refer them to your list.

  12. Love the new look.....really pretty,just in time for spring , in your part of the world!


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