Wednesday, November 10, 2010

SO Much Thanks!

Scrapbooking Club ~ Session 2
The second group of students joined us on Tuesday, November 9th. Wow! What a talented group. We provided some basic instructions, lots of materials, and support as needed.

Here are the Fall/Thanksgiving themed cards they made.

Looking forward to next week!

Stay Creative,


  1. Wow they really are a talented lot, it is so lovely to see kids being creative and chanelling their energy. The school which I used to teach at have just started a club themselves after I showed one of the teachers who was looking for club ideas your success, so thanks for the inspiration.
    Kim xXx

  2. WOW!!! They did such an amazing job!!!! TFS! :)

  3. Is this for all different grades? They all did such an amazing job!! It's awesome you are able to help them all make some great cards!!

  4. What a wonderful creative bunch of kids you have!! My kids would just love this kind of club in school.

    Tfs, Cheryl @

  5. Your students should be proud...their cards are terrific! TFS!

    ~Sharon C.

  6. I love this idea. they are doing a great job! Thanks for spreading the creativeness! Hopefully these kiddos will love scrapping as much as we do.

  7. Oh my Goodness the talent you had in that room! Very nice cards guys!

  8. Wow! These kids have got some serious talent :) I bet you must be so proud of them :)

  9. WOW they are awesome I LOVE them! Great job!!! TFS

    Tori :)

  10. Isn't it amazing that kids can make! They are so creative because often they have no fear of making a mistake or messing up like us adults do. I wish I could create like that!

  11. All the cards are super! The kids did aGRRRRREAT job!!! They most have a very good teacher. LOL... I hope you have a blessed day!

    Carol L

  12. All of the cards are wonderful. They did a great job! I'm sure they are having so much fun. Your wonderful for taking your time to help them make such wonderful creations. Have a super weekend.


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