Thursday, August 26, 2010

Two Questions...Please Give Feedback

My birthday is approaching within the next month and I am hoping to get some birthday money. If I do I want to buy a new cartridge or two. The problem I have though is it is like the cereal aisle...too many choices. I would love to have some input to make my decision easier.

Here is my first question...What is your favorite cartridge (and maybe you could tell me why)?

Here is my second question...What are your thoughts on ads on your blog page? The reason I ask is because I recently went to a a page or two of favorite sites I like(d) to visit and there were ads ALL over it. What happened to sharing your love of crafts and projects you make? These pages were covered with ads from Amazon, Google, Oh My Craft, etc. I understand they make you some money (right?), but isn't there a point where there are too many?

PLEASE SHARE! Tell me your thoughts.

I am hoping to be able to do some crafting tonight. The card I made last night was a quickie and defintiely not my best (too much back to school work to do - but it is up-to-date). It was my son's 16th birthday yesterday! Kids sure do grow fast...where does the time go?!?!

I used the Wild Card cartridge for the base and inside sentiment and Plantin Schoolbook for 16. I used black gems to add some flair.
Stay Creative,


  1. 1 - Out of my carts I would have to say that I love the Preserves cart. It can add an elegent look to a card. One that I don't own is Create-a-critter. I really, really want that one!!

    2 - I craft and have a blog for me, I love to share any ideas but I don't think adds need to be on my blog. If a blog is too hard to read or navigate I don't like to look at it; I may read it through the blog reader but if I have to go to the blog (to leave a comment or for any other reason) I don't do it.

    There's my soap box. Good luck with picking a cart, that's always the hardest part. :)

  2. 1. Which carts do you favor? Are you thinking Lites, or the other ones. I like the Lites because of their simplicity in layering. But then there are so many others I can't really put my finger down in which ones exactly I would want. I agree there are so many. Sorry I am no help there :(

    2. I don't like ads personally. The less clutter the better for me.

    Take care. Can't wait to see what you will be getting!

  3. 1. My favorite cartridge is Create A Critter, but I really want the new Simply charmed! I also like the Lacy Labels & Celebrate w/Flourish Lite carts.
    2. I would prefer no ads, but it doesn't stop me from browsing the blogs with them.
    3. I sent you an email regarding the Back to School blog hop! :)
    Happy Birthday to you...hope you find the perfect cart(s).


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