Saturday, July 17, 2010

Library Visit

Books, More Books...and a Personal Challenge

My 12 year old daughter and I went to our local library this afternoon and while there, I decided to look to see what type of cardmaking books they had. After searching thru a few different sections I found exactly what I was looking for. I decided to check out all the books that I could (Since I am a teacher I strongly believe you can NEVER have too many books!). Once we got home we sat at the table and went thru them and WOW! we found some amazing cards we are going to make. It reminds me of the movie Julie and Julia when she gets the cookbook and wants to try every recipe in 30 days. I'd like try and make as many new types of cards as I can from these books before I have to return them in three weeks and go back to school (which will mean summer vacation is officially over).

I have set a personal challenge to create a variety of cards that I have not tried before and post them to share. I will be looking forward to hearing your thoughts too. One way of learning is by sharing and reflecting, so please leave comments.

Time to get busy on the first!

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